Lip Ex-Folitation

You may be wondering "Lip Ex-foliating"

It is true. Such technique does exist and I am one of the many how put it into go use. There are product which can be bought at the grocery or beauty store to achieve such task, but today I will be teaching the old fashion way. That is using one of our everyday use in a bathroom. Yes, your toothbrush.

This is the most inexpensive way in achieve beautiful luscious lips. Not only does the toothbrush help circulate proper blood flow in the lips but, it also removes dead skin cells on surface. I swear 100% by this method. Ensure that it is done at least once a week and do not over do the scrubbing or else you will end up with a sore lip. Gentle circular hand motion that all it takes.

After moisturise with you favourite lip balm. Vaseline does the trick for me.

Until then........


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