My Zit Zappers

Hi Everyone!!!

So today I had a visit by an unwanted guess. Yes a Zit.
I must say that this is one of my "urghhhhhhh" moment :( So today I will be sharing my Splurge and Save techniques into getting rid of a Zit.

So my procedure(s) to controlling the "unwanted guest" is pretty much simple. One you may have already known which can be found right in your wash room. Colgate Toothpaste my save technique.
This has work miracle in an instant for me. I have tried to match it up with other toothpaste but, none seem to work just as effective as the Colgate brand.

My other procedure is Proactiv Refining Mask. This is my splurge technique. Normally this product would be use in general as a mask but it's my go to product for zits. I apply just a tiny amount to the affected area and Vola!

Apply either of the two product mentioned overnight to get a more effective results. This is how I magically control my zit problem.

Hope this is of help to you. Until then....

Happy Blogging

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