What's your Skin Undertone

To find the most flattering hues for your skin you need to determine your skins undertone. So here are three step that professional swear by to figure if you're "warm" or "cool"

* Wear a pure white towel or bath robe and wrap your hair in another white towel. Then look at your skin in a mirror. The white helps the colour under your skin be more pronounced. If your skin looks blue-ish you have cool undertone. I it's yellow-ish you have warm undertones.

*The next way is by jewellery and please do not go by preference. Hold a piece of silver and gold jewellery on either side. If the silver looks harmonious then its cool. If the gold looks better its warm.

* Lastly, the sunlight vein method. If your veins looks blue-purple, then you're in the cool zone. If your veins are green or yellow you're in the warm zone.

There is also my method :) I simply pinch my skin not to hard and the print it leaves determines your tone. If its a faded out yellow you're a warm undertone. If it's a faded out pinkish-red colour you're cool.

I definitely fall under the warm undertone and I am between light - dark skin complexion so that makes me medium warm :-D

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  1. great post it took me years to finally understand what my undertone was lol this should help people a lot

    hope you'll follow back


  2. Thanks PolaBerry. I will definitely follow back

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