Dynamic Dietary Duos

Today I came across an article on Oprah's website explaining why nutrients pack a much greater punch in tandem than solo. I must say that I am quite impress with the article written by Dr Mehmet Oz whom we all know as Dr Oz.

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Iron + Vitamin C

The Teamwork
Everyone knows that iron is an essential nutrient. But were you aware there are two kinds? One (heme) found in meats and seafood; and the other (nonheme) found in chickpeas, dark leafy greens an other plants. The trouble is nonheme is not easily absorbed by the body- which is were Vitamin C comes in. Foods high in C (like citrus, bell peppers and strawberries) raise the acidity of the intestines, allowing nonheme to be more readily absorbed.

The Options
Drizzle lemon vinaigrette on a spinach and strawberry salad or add chopped red bell peppers to chickpeas for a side dish. At meals where you're mixing iron and vitamin c, try to avoid tea, whole grains and dairy products- all of which inhibit noheme iron absorption.

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