Shoe designer Christian Louboutin to launch beauty line

It all began in 1991 with a bottle of bright red nail enamel which first inspired Christian Louboutin to coat the soles of his stilettos building his shoe empire. The French shoe maker is taking one step further into beauty with a new cosmetic line to be launched in the year 2013.

His company will be partnering with Batallure Beauty, which helps develop brands such as Macys, Marchesa, and Sephora to launch the Christian Louboutin Beaute line in late 2013.

The new line will offer luxury beauty products across a number of classifications. Hopefully this line would be as promising as his shoes.


  1. I bet that's going to be a pricey beauty brand...but I'll be excited to try it out. :)

    - Ashley Elizabeth
    ( http://blog.alElizabeth.com )

    1. The exact thoughts came to mind Ashley Elizabeth but, I am excited to see what CL has in store as far as packaging, quality and product value goes. Thank you for your continued support. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. How fun!! I am excited to see what new items are in store!!

    1. Thanks for commenting Kelsey!!! It sure is fun. I am so anxious to see what CL line would look like :)



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