Fragrance: Vera Wang LoveStruck Floral Rush

Feminine, Romantic, Spontaneous. Vera Wang LoveStruck Floral Rush is a sparkling floral bouquet that is blooming with instant attraction. You will wall head over heels with notes of mouthwatering champagne accord and apricot blossom. The heart beats a little faster with a rich layer of pink passion flower and a lasting impression is left with cashmere woods and sheer musk sweeping you off you feet!

If you're interested in giving this fragrance a try or you're a fan of Vera Wang's perfumes, click on the Vera Wang LoveStruck Floral Rush bottle down below which navigate you to Macy's.

3.4 oz retails at US $93.50


  1. Gotta give this a whiff!!! I absolutely love Princess :-)

    1. I love Princess as well. Do let me know if you like LoveStruck Floral Rush! Thanks for commenting :)



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