M·A·C BY REQUEST Collection

M·A·C  by Request Collection is a selection of discontinued shades that fans of the brand voted to bring back. The collection consists of discontinued shades of lipstick, lipglass, and eyeshadow.
The M·A·C By Request Collection will be available online at maccosmetics.com this August while supplies last with different launch dates for each product (see below for dates).

Let’s take a look at the  M·A·C by Request Collection and see whether any of your old favs made the top three pick for each category.

M·A·C By Request Lipsticks $15 August 6th Release

Candy Yum-Yum (Neon pink) (matte) (votes: 77,5175)

Moxie (bright pink) (matte) (votes: 74,957)

Rocker (burgundy red with glitter) (matte) (votes: 72,299)

M·A·C By Request Lipglass $15 August 8th Release

Bait (iris pink with gold pearl) (frost) (votes: 34,045)

Cult of Cherry (clean red with red pearl) (frost) (votes: 29,466)

Flash of Fresh (light nude pink with pearl (frost) (votes: 27,707)

M·A·C By Request Eyeshadow $15 August 13th Release

Guacamole (light green with gold pearl) (frost) (votes: 50,536)

Jete (sandy coral) (veluxe pearl) (votes: 40,245)

Moth Brown (soft metallic grey brown) (frost) (votes: 39,563)

Did any of your favs made the list? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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