REVIEW: MOOM® Organic Hair Removal Kit with Lavender (SPA Formula)

MOOM® Organic Hair Removal Kit with Lavender

I was recently given the opportunity in trying out Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit. I was very eager to try it out and did not know of what to expect. I have seen reviews based on their products from Ashley Elizabeth whom I first learnt about their line from. I can honestly say I was drawn to Moom for the fact that their products are organic, chemical free and the strips are reusable. I am very picky as to what products I use on my skin. Without further my experience went a little like this:

I first read the pamphlet carefully. I did not use the microwave or the stove top to heat the product but, I added extra hot boiling water into a bowl and allowed it to sit to become a honey like texture ( I am not saying this is the way to do it but, it was my preference). This method used kept the product at the right consistence from start to finish. I applied the product to my legs and began waxing away.

The Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit amazed me in many different ways. Such as:
  1. It was non messy
  2. Left no residue
  3. Did not have no strange smell in other word Chemical free
  4. It did not irritate my skin and bare in mind I have sensitive skin
  5. The hair came out very quickly
  6. The fabric strips was easy to wash

I highly recommend this product to everyone. Especially if you're willing to give waxing a try for the very first time or have sensitive skin.

About the Kit:

MOOM® has reinvented the concept of hair removal by considering the beauty and health of the skin first. MOOM®'S exclusive technology uses only the purest and most beneficial natural ingredients to deliver an effective and nourishing hair remover. No longer does your skin have to endure the consequences of the removal of hair. MOOM® SPA Botanical Hair Remover with Lavender pampers your skin with calming chamomile, luxurious lavender and delicious lemon juice. 
MOOM®'s gentle process reveals the beautiful skin you were born with.
  • Removes the hair gently with the root
  • Rejuvenates the skin by removing impurities and dead cells from the surface of the skin
  • Leaves skin hair-free for up to 8 weeks
  • Leaves no residue on the skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No animal testing
  • Member, Beauty Without Cruelty
MOOM® Spa with Lavender is made with ONLY these fine, highest quality ingredients for a nourishing, truly natural, and botanical hair remover:
Sugar, Water, Chamomile, Lavender and Lemon Juice
Kit Contains:
  • 6 oz MOOM® SPA sugaring blend
  • 18 reusable fabric strips
  • 4 wooden applicators
  • Instruction booklet

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