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Hey beauties I am currently an Ambassador for Perfect Beauty and whiles having a conversation with my fellow Perfect Beauties well Lisa to be exact and we have come to a conclusion in doing a "Word of the Week" This means every week end we generate a word and then give a little insight into what it inspires.
Perfect Beauty is a community founded my Miss Daisy to empower women to feel beautiful. To find out more about Perfect Beauty Click Here.

Unto the word of the week! COURAGE

Courage is often referred to as fortitude, fearless, or bravery. To each one courage can have various meaning but today courage means BOLD. I am bold to over come my fear. I am bold to stand up for my rights. I am bold and I am beautiful.

The first step into moving forward is having courage to do so.

So as you continue this day please have Courage in all you do :)

You can view Lisa's video on the Word of the Week here.

Please feel free to join in and don't forget to sign up to Perfect Beauty. It's a wonderful community with beautiful ladies just like you who is waiting to start a wonderful and empowering friendship.

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