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The word Optimistic mean someone who is a "Positive Thinker" Many of us tend to have this what if attitude in making decisions in our every day life fearing of taking risk. An optimist is one who isn't afraid to go beyond their capacity not knowing whether or not their decision making will fall through. However, being the "Positive Thinker" they're determined to take the risk in hopes of a favorable outcome.

There was a point in my life I use to be afraid to open up myself to people. I always wanted to play it safe but, then I learnt that the more you keep to yourself and not say what you need to or not do what you have to is a major set back in moving forward. Sometimes people tend to take advantage of you because you don't have that belief in yourself.

So today I would love for you to take a look into your life and ask yourself what is it that you want. In doing so I would also like you to have courage, faith and believe in yourself that you are determined to make a difference. Be a "Positive Thinker" in all you do, whether you think you can or you think you can't ( you are always right), keep trying until you've reach your goal.

Here is Lisa's take on the WOTW click here.

So until then BE OPTIMISTIC


  1. Optimistic right now! Thanks for this word of encouragement!

    1. Anytime Cherelynn! Thanks for your continued support xoxo

  2. Great post! I'm going to re-pin it!! x

    1. Thank you Moxie :) and I appreciate the support xoxo



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