12 Days Of Christmas: Day 9

Let's just say this next post is Purr-Fect!!!!

Honeycat products are created and developed by owner Theresa Spruill. A veritable feast for your skin that you're gonna love! Honeycat makes grooming time an event. Their products promise pleasure for your entire body. They are sexy, sensual, safe and chock full of what's-good-for-your-skin-stuff. Honeycat products are natural, and never tested on animals, especially sexy felines. Honeycat offers products ranging from emollient rich bath bombs, sassy lip balm, delicious edible body powder, body lotions, creams, bath salts, bubble bath, milk bath. These are just a few of the outrageous products that they offer.

I can guarantee you that you will fall in love with Honeycats products in an instant. I did!!!

On the Ninth Day of Christmas the Beauty Fairy gave to me:

HEME-DREAM Pomegranate Sparkling Bath Fizzy

Honeycat's got some new fare for Vampire lovers everywhere!  Tired of boringold bath bombs? Well sink your teeth into this extra rich, pomegranate and cassis bath fizzy!  Heme-Dream! Hemoglobin never smelled this good! Red, the favorite color of Vamps everywhere, with just a touch of red body glitter. You'll be so soft and smooth. I'm telling you girls, this product really...SUCKS!

Price : $12.00

You Gotta Be Kitten Me
 This stuff is jam packed with skin nourishing ingredients like, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and cocoa butter. So rich and thick, a little goes a long way. So many bubbles, it's like taking a bath standing up! Now this is what I call slipping into something more comfortable!

Price: $16.00

Rub My Tummy Hand & Body Cream

What gal doesn't like to have her tummy rubbed? I know I sure do. Have I got a cream for you! This stuff is chock-full-of skin softening ingredients like, Shea Butter, Kukui Oil, Honey, and of course Butter Milk. No silly, it's not just for tummies, it's for anywhere youu want to feel soft, and smooth...Hey, you never know when you're gonna get rubbed!

Price: $12.00

Sex and the Kitty Gift Set
 "Calypso Kitty" tropical salt scrub, "Frisky kitty bath Fizzy" rose & lemongrass (forget boring old flowers. Toss one of these baby's into the tub, and she will have her own, private, bath bouquet). "Rub My Tummy" milk & honey body cream, and "On The Prowl" peach brandy shower gel...mmm, smells sooo good! After receiving this gift set, she'll be one purring kitty!

Price: $40.00

Availability: Honeycatcosmetics.com and selected stores click here.


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