M•A•C Collection Creates Rihanna's Tour Make-Up Beauty Look

M•A•C Collection Creates Rihanna's Tour Make-Up Beauty Look
“It’s no secret that Rihanna loves a red lip,” said Castillo. “She created RiRi Woo so it was only appropriate to incorporate it into the tour look.”

For eyes, the Deep Brunette Veluxe Brown Liner created a full natural-look brow, while Eye Shadow in Copperplate and Print were mixed with the Antique Diamond Paint Pot, coupled with a hint of liquid liner. Two sets of false lashes added depth and definition. For the lip, RiRi Woo was combined with the Vino Lip Pencil to perfect the outline - with Lipglass in Rebel applied for the second half of the show.
"For this look, it's really about bringing a long-wearing, glamorous, stage-perfect vision of what you would already notice about Rihanna's beauty look - if you were up-close," Castillo told The New York Times. "Rihanna still needs to look like herself and the fans in the way back of the venue need to see her stunning features. To do this, it's all about exaggerated highlighting and contouring her features. I really just think of this look as an amped-up version of her everyday look."


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